Hi, I am Jennifer Ruggles.

I wear all sorts of hats: wife, momma, daughter, and photographer. Together my husband and I have 4 kids, ranging from 19-2. Yes, you read that right. Our lives are a full adventure!!!! This is why I love my job!!!! I get to help others capture their gorgeous families!!!!

In the beginning when I decided to pick up the camera I just wanted to help momma's get a few good pictures with their babies. Over the years I learned I Love taking all sorts of pictures. A long long time ago in. a land far away....(Nashville) One of my best friends was a photographer and when she took my picture I loved it!!!! Because I knew I would look good when I saw the pictures she took of me. I don't always feel that way..... So I have been set on a mission to help others feel as amazing as Kimberly made me feel. Which is my favorite!!! 

I love showing others beautiful moments and how beautiful they are, (even when we don't always feel beautiful) which tell their forever story. So please give me the privilege to partake in your today and tomorrow through the power of pictures. Whether it's for your family or business, I just want to capture you at your best in that moment.



“As an event planner/designer I see tons of photogs but it is a true joy when I find one who not only has amazing talent but a love and passion to make people feel valued, worthy, and confident. Her personality paired with an eye for creative, beautiful images sets her apart from the masses of photogs!”